Real Gravy
You just can't beat the taste of real gravy and the false taste of instant just doesn't even compare. Real gravy is a thickened sauce which should be made from a base of extracts that run from meat and vegetables during cooking.
In many instant gravy mixes there are colourants, flavourings, additives and preservatives that leads to a gravy that just doesn't come close to the real thing.
We're working with celebrity chef and TV food legend Gordon Ramsay to push our campaign further. As a devotee of real gravy and the classic family Sunday roast Gordon is the right man to drive our campaign forward. He's been banging the drum for real gravy and the Sunday roast in his recent column in the Sunday Times.
Don't tell Gordon but arch-nemesis Delia Smith is a huge advocate of proper, old-fashioned gravy and on our links page we've also added a few links to great gravy pages and classic recipes.
However, if you've got your own real gravy recipies please email them to us now and we'll share them with the world.
Enjoy your Sunday roasts and get sharing that gravy jug.

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