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A good meal in Cascais

The Portuguese excel at many things, and one of them of course is making food. Their cuisine might not be as renowned worldwide as others like French or Italian, but anyone who has tried it, especially in Portugal itself, can testify that they are masters in combining flavours and making the most delicious dishes you have ever tried by the sea. 

The Portuguese use their own resources to make their meals, as they have done for hundreds of years, so their food is always very fresh and delicious, with plenty of sea products and healthy ingredients you can enjoy any day. If you're spending some time in Portugal, be it as part of your holidays or a trip of work or study, it is mandatory that you drop by one of the local restaurants and try their regional food.

Cascais is one of the most paradisiac destinations in Portugal, and their food is one of the best you can find. Every year thousands of tourists drop by, enjoy its beaches and hotels, and of course try their fantastic food. If you are at Cascais, you need to taste their delicious dishes!

A private chef in Cascais

If you live in Cascais or are spending some time at a rented villa or apartment, then you might very well find yourself in the need of a private chef who specializes not only in international cuisine but also in making the local dishes that have made Cascais so famous. If that is the case, you might feel a little bit lost about where to find someone like that. Catering companies tend to be expensive and sometimes food isn't just that good or service is lacking of some of the basics of quality or presentation.

If you are in Cascais and need catering services, then you should call the local master in cuisine, pirvate chef George. He is very professional and friendly and can solve all your culinary needs, covering a wide range of services and scales to adapt to your needs.

Corporate events or upscale parties? No problem! Chef George and his team will solve everything for you. He and his people can make food for up to 200 people, so you don't need to worry about that. He offers his services for private events, shows, parties and showrooms. All solutions are integral and complete, so you don't have to mind anything else. Just leave it all in his hands and he will do a magnificent job for you.

Not needing such a big scale service? No problem! He can also work for small groups, making five course meals, BBQ's, picnic meals... basically, any food you like. He is an expert in different styles of cooking and will lend you a hand anytime you need someone to get into the kitchen and get everything done for you. The locals in Cascais know him and can tell you for sure that he is great at what he does. 

If you want to contact private chef George, then you can call him on this number.

915 642 044

Top restaurants in Cascais

There are countless places where you can enjoy Portuguese food in Cascais. Just as in any other place in the world, even if the local cuisine itself is so good and so tasty, there are some places better than others, and some are even bad and you should skip them no matter what. Here are some of the best restaurants in Cascais. Drop by any of them, knowing for sure that you will taste quality food and local recipes.

Hemingway Cascais offers a wide range of foods and five course meals, and it has been acclaimed by international critics. This is also one of the hotspots for mixology in Cascais, so if you want to drop by for a drink you can have a word with the owner, who makes the drinks himself and is an all around super friendly guy.

The unique charm fo Cafe Galeria House of Wonders makes it impossible to skip it. Check the House of Wonders facebook to see some pics of this amazing place, with its unique atmosphere and ecclectic decorations. Truly a place worth visiting.

Mar do Inferno is a palace of sea food, fish and wine tasting. All sea products are fresh and exquisitely cooked, and there is no better place in Cascais to try them than here. 

Restaurante 5 Sentidos is also a must for any visitor or local. They offer a wide range of dishes based in local cuisine, and you can also enjoy fine wine and drinks. 

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