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The food and restaurant business is a thriving one and has been growing despite the economical crisis that has gripped everyone. However, in order to be successful a restaurant has to offer good quality cuisine and customer service to its customers. Most people aren’t aware of this fact and end up going to restaurants that don’t offer them those things. Real Gravy – Restaurants and Cuisine Reviews tries to educate the people regarding the quality of food that is available in their vicinity and in doing so helps them in making better cuisine choices.   

Choosing a Restaurant for a Dine Out Made Easy!

Real Gravy - Restaurant and Cuisine Reviews is headquartered in the UK. We offer reviews of restaurants and the cuisines that are available there to the food enthusiasts. Our main order of business is to provide food lovers the chance to choose their restaurants based on quality food and high level of customer service. We make it easier for our clients to pick their restaurants by providing them accurate information about the quality of cuisine that they can expect to eat there. 

Our Mission

Our mission was always to provide honest reviews about restaurants and the cuisine available there to our clients. For the achievement of this mission, we have been inspecting and reviewing restaurants all over the UK so that we can provide a comprehensive list of good quality eating establishments to our clients where they can enjoy a good meal. 


Our Philosophy

It has always been our philosophy to educate the people about the quality of restaurants and foods available in their area. We are aware of the fact that people seldom know where they can find a good place to eat. This is why we have come up restaurant reviews that provide our clients the chance to know where they should go to get the best cuisine. 

Features of Real Gravy - Restaurant and Cuisine Reviews

We have established ourselves as the leaders in the field of restaurant and cuisine reviews in the UK. The reason for our rapid success has been our hard work and dedication. The following are some of the features of our services that have helped us in our rise to the top.    


Restaurant Reviews

We take great pride in the reviews we give to the restaurants that we inspect. We make sure that our clients only get to hear the truth about the restaurants and find the information we proud them 100% true. Therefore, we give a lot of importance to honesty and anonymity when compiling restaurant reviews.


Cuisine Reviews

Apart from restaurant reviews, we also provide cuisine reviews as well. We offer our clients the chance to know where they can find their favourite cuisine. Moreover, we also tell them about the restaurants that are the best when it comes to offering that particular cuisine. 


Experienced Food Critics 

We have the most experienced food critics and inspectors working for us. They have years of experience in the food business and are the best judges of foods and cuisine. They give out their honest opinions about restaurants which are represented in our restaurant reviews.


Customer Service Reviews

We are aware of the fact that customer service is a vital part of the restaurant and food business. Therefore, we review the customer services offered by restaurants as well to provide our clients a good idea of the kind of service they can expect to receive when entering a particular restaurant. 






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Happy Clients

Having doubts about our ability to offer you reviews of restaurants quality cuisine? See our testimonials to clear them once and for all!

I was very fortunate to have found Real Gravy – Restaurant and Cuisine Reviews when looking for a decent place to eat. I had no idea where to find quality restaurants and hadn’t been able to enjoy my outings at all. Their reviews have helped me in learning about the best restaurants in my area which has been a pleasant surprise for me. 
By Selena Gary

Happy Clients

Having doubts about our ability to offer you reviews of restaurants quality cuisine? See our testimonials to clear them once and for all!

It has been over a year now since we found Real Gravy – Restaurant and Cuisine Reviews. Their restaurant reviews have helped us in elevating our food choices a great deal. They are the perfect destination for restaurant reviews for food lovers in the UK.  
By MaryK Smith